The love and respect for art inspires our team to organize adorable art events and exhibitions for more than 15 years. Our main concern is

the satisfaction of the needs of the artists as well as bringing towards artlovers and art collectors unforgetable experiences and views of our happenings. World of Crete provides incredible and innovative art fairs in luxury lacations, with honorable guests,  Auctions, Opening gala with live music, walking dinner and more.

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Investment events, helps new and established visionary prospective companies raise funding and gain new opportunities. We offer towards startups and investment seekers the opportunity to connect with direct investors. This at our investment events, where you present your project or at our investment fair. 

Posterus360's Virtual Fair is a complete digital full HD 3D exhibition and trade fair complex.

The architectural design contains real buildings with the highest quality, as well as futuristic classic parts, harbor for Yacht designers, aerospace and automotive spaces. The buildings can be placed in any city or country, giving as well a full 360 view of the surrounding locations.