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Asola Group

Asola Group is a curatorial group founded by Italian art curators Carola Antonioli and Giorgia Massari, based in Milan. Class of '97, lovers of beauty and organizers by definition. For two years they have been working in the art world dealing with artists from all over the world.

Carola has a background in design and graphic design, graduated in Artistic Design at Brera Academy in Milan and with a Master in Cultural Design and Cultural Enterprises. Her passion for beauty, fashion and contemporary art led her to have a great aesthetic and critical eye. Giorgia has a cultural background related to art and archaeology, theater and oriental arts. Graduated in Cultural Heritage Sciences at the University of Milan. Her passion for writing and poetry led her to have a great artistic sensibility.

Together they form a perfect duo for the curatorship and care of the artists, and not only.

More information can be found at www.asolagroup.com

Carola Antonioli

Art Curator

Giorgia Massari

Art Curator