Annabel Diaz Gil

Annabel Diaz Gil

Annabel Díaz Gil is a Cuban painter and illustrator based in Belgium. Born in 1972.  Her passion for nature, colors and freedom has been her main source of inspiration in the creation of her artworks. Her paintings emerge from the soul, they are authentic and unique pieces of art that have escaped from her dreams and fantasies, to be captured with passion on the canvas. Her style is as free as the wind and it goes from landscapes to portraits, represented in surreal art, fantasy art and tropical art, this last one honoring her Caribbean roots. 

She uses all artistic techniques and mediums up to digital art. She wants to make her work known, showing the way her eyes see the world. To open the door that leads to magic and to that place where everything is possible, keeping alive the child that we all have inside.

Her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges, Belgium, have enriched her vision of art, and have brought new ideas and skills to the creative process.

She has been in several exhibitions and in 2015 she participated in the International Exhibition of Fine Arts, 12th European Salon in Belgium, which took place in Bruges, along with other prominent artists.