Davina Dugnas

Davina Dugnas


I am a Scotland based artist. I have always been creative as a child. My journey began before I was one, when I took my first brush and started painting using watercolours. Paper and watercolours were always lying around, and I always sketched and doodled on scraps of newspapers. I love to try different ways of experimenting with world of colours using acrylics as main medium from a mixture of contemporary and Abstract art, visualise ideas and materials in bright colours, line, texture, pattern, composition and process with inspiration, or specific places and evoke emotions in a poetic, nonlinear fashion. I take my inspiration from anything under the sun and moon - an object, connecting with nature, or a figure which is schematised and transformed it into an exclusive piece of work visualisation of new own story to tell. My believe is that creativity sparkle lies from within, expressing one’s true mind and soul. Thank you for giving me opportunity sharing my world colours, something for everyone.




Davina Dugnas experiments with a world of colours. She uses colours, lines, textures and patterns inspired by places, objects and nature. Dugnas visualises ideas, feels emotions and relocates them into the canvas by mixing contemporary and abstract art. In this way, her ideas and emotions move to a new place, have a new home and take on new visualisations and forms to tell new stories. Her ideas and emotions are told poetically in a very beautiful and sensitive way. Dugnas’s art is in fact a silent poem: her textures and patterns become her metrics and rhymes, colours and lines her content. Her ideas and emotions are, thus, told in a multitude of aesthetic relationships that bring the visual sign to encounter what is the eye of the viewer. “My believe is that creativity sparkle lies from within, expressing one’s true mind and soul”, says Dugnas. So, her creativity undresses in front of the canvas; it becomes the necessary means to express her inner mind and soul which, now nude and without veils, are shared with the world, wishing to be able to give something for everyone. To share her world of colours with the world of people, hoping to feel new emotions and to see new visualisations too.

Lattuca Art Currator, Milan