Elizabeth Colazo


Elizabeth Colazo, Figurative-Realist Artist, of Argentine nationality. Born in 1974 Jesus Maria, Cordoba, at the time said in a town where the tranquility and simple life is what she treasured the most in her being, as well as the connection to nature.

In her works you can travel to the vast world of everyday life, her representations are full of inner growth where the spiritual world is reflected in her artistic expression. She got involved with art 30 years ago in a drawing and painting atelier, later she carried out commercial art and design ventures in her country, in which she participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Jesús María, Córdoba, Argentina.Upon emigrating to the United States in 2017, her new life experiences were reflected in her artistic canvases.

Elizabeth formed part of Galeria Carey in Barcelona, España, selling some of her pieces, as well as achieving some private sales in Malaga España. She was also convocated to Milan, Italy to exhibit through Corriere del Arte and exhibited in Oaxaca, Mexico in Galeria Santo Tomas.

Her first participation in Miami Florida was through an exhibition in Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment for Hispanic Month, to these many other events succeeded like Umbrellas of little Havana and Aqua Art with AC contemporary art through Artsy in Art week Miami year 2022.

Currently she exhibits permanently in Futurama 1637 Art Galleries, Miami, Florida.