Emma Brahas

Emma Brahas


 In 2000 the beginnings of Pentax photography on film. Documentaries: PHOTO, CHASSEURE D'IMAGE, GUIDE PRATIQUE DE LA PHOTO - specialist magazines. Books: Mastery in photography (E. Iarovici)

    In 2005 in PHOTO magazine at the International Amateur Photography Competition we had a photo mentioned in the GRAPHISME section.

    2005 the year I switched to working on the Canon 350D DSRL. Documentary: Toute photographier en numerique (Jean Marie Sepulchere)

    In 2006, photography internship (artistic studio photography, street photography) in Paris. Photographer: Gladys

   2007 at the International Salon of Photographic Art Brasov (Romania) a photo mentioned in the monochrome section

    2021 April acceptance to the Photo Workshop Bucharest within the project "Humans/bodys/images" with the theme "Body shaming". Project led by Adrian Bulboaca. Group exhibition with the same theme at the French Institute in Bucharest. Opening: 20 June 20121

    21.05 - 30.05.2021 participation in the photography festival 2nd edition of Walk & Shoot Bucharest(www.a-s.ro) - workshops and thematic discussions on Zoom. Workshops I attended: theatre performance photo workshop held by Adrian Bulboaca, portrait photo workshop held by Cristian Crisbasan and urban landscape photo workshop coordinated by Cornel Lazia.

  7.06 - 27.06.2021 solo exhibition at ArtRoman Galery , Romania