Komatsu Rikako


≪About what it is to be human and what is our truth≫ In my teaching to children, I keep asking myself what it means to be human, what my mission is, and what the truth is. The truth common to human beings is learned through the growth of children. Children grow up fast And our lives are short.

What should we learn in that time? What is the truth?

Each child is different, and the environment is completely different. I have been asking myself, what is it that eve-ryone can sympathize with, and what is the fusion  of these different things, with completely dif-ferent thoughts and feelings, different values, justice and truth. In my work, I focus on "the time of life" and "the ability to see". It contains the feeling of thinking about the healthy growth of children and the feeling of cherishing life, which I always kept in mind. Through art, I ask what it is to be human, what is truth, and aim to have a direct impact on the fusion of these different things. Life and the passage of time What is the difference between each person

What is the difference between others and what is common to all people? From there, I would like to appeal to the theme of understanding and fusion of people who have overcome their differences.

POETRY by Rikako Komatsu: Where are you from? When did you arrive? Why did you come here? Who were you spending time with? We do not know where and how you have spent your time. But here we have gathered and we are together now. We have spent our precious time together and live in the same place. This was an unexpected thing, but in here we gathered and we are together now Just gathered together. It's just that. But we spent time together. We believe it must be truly warm. This unexpected encounter Having an unexpected time But It becomes an unexpected our treasure. We are right here just now