Kris Kirwan


Kris Kirwan is Lithuanian born Irish artist.
Her technique is quite peculiar. It requires patience, discipline and
preparation. It perfectly reflects her true character and belief that every dot is
equally important and significant. She believes in a concept that a visual form consists of dots, the same way each of us consists of thoughts, feelings, events and unique experiences. Her paintings might look quite minimalistic, with plain backgrounds and fewer details, however, it provokes the viewer to look deeper and closer to find hundreds of thousands tiny dots. Geometrical and circular (mandala) elements symbolise perfection and orderly chaos that nature has created. Her current work includes some still floral arrangements reflecting peacefulness and mindfulness as well as trees with their storytelling intent that a viewer has to relate and continue to create further. All of her paintings take weeks and months to complete and as Kris says herself ‘ the process of painting creates a secret artist-painting relationship, filled with joy, doubts, happiness, excitement and surrender…’