Leni Acosta Knight

Leni Acosta Knight

Leni Acosta Knight is a Hawaii, USA based international fine artist. At an earlier age, she withdrew from an art scholarship and instead, she spent over half of her lifetime traveling the world and working in public relations, management and marketing of international projects involving real estate, commodities and multimedia design. Then in 2016, Leni finally went back to her true passion which is the creation of fine art and since then become a full time artist. 


Leni's thought-provoking artwork are predominantly inspired by her love of philosophy, science and poetry. She specializes in painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor; and drawing with graphite and charcoal. She is keen in combining classical realism and abstract expressionism. Similar to a symbolist poet, rather than directly declare, she gives the viewer silence to form their own imaginings and her pieces can evoke powerful emotions from relatable real-life stories that she portrays through her canvas.


As a breast cancer survivor and an advocate against domestic and sexual violence, she dedicates her art to help worthwhile humanitarian projects and donates a substantial portion of her sales to organizations supporting such causes.


Leni’s work has been featured in numerous art exhibitions including events at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii USA and the International Contemporary Art Exhibitions presented by M.A.D.S. MILANO Digital Art Gallery in Milan, Italy. She is currently represented by VAN GOGH Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain. She will be featured at the World of Crete Art Gallery , Greece in September 2021.