P.M Event

P.M Event

P.M. EVENT is a Canadian Art Group promoting and creating projects in the domain of collaborative art.

P.M. EVENT projects diverge from the traditional linear approach used in multi-artist, multi-media works, such as a musical composition inspired by an exquisite painting or a painting created as a reflection of a perfected piece of music. P.M. EVENT explores a parallel development process, in which a common idea is born and each artist grows their artistic creation independently, with only occasional meeting points. The final results produce unexpected, unusual, and exceptional experiences as a unique synthesis of sight and sound as one form of art. 

P.M EVENT warmly invites Canadian and International Artists to collaborate on new, unique, and impactful projects.


Natalie Sobo

I’m a Toronto based artist, graduated from St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design in 1993, and the International Academy of Design and Technology (Toronto) in 2002. I’ve found my passion in acrylic painting very recently.

In my artwork I try to find the sound of color, to hear the color and to make the picture sound. I want to hear the vibration of the colors and tones, rhythm of the lines and shapes. I try to create the visual harmony akin to the auditory sensation that we feel while listening to music. I try to find the right tones, rhythms and vibrations to bring color, shape and line to create a visual sound of harmony and happiness.

I’m proud to be an Award Winner with the Society of Canadian Artists, Acrylic Painters USA, Vancouver Art Space, WA, Art Impact International, MD, and Envision Arts, TX.

I was honoured to be part of the Amsterdam Art Fair ADAF 2019, and 2020 virtually.

I’m looking forward to expand my art throughout Canada, USA, and the International Art community.

Witold Suryn

 Witold Suryn is a Canadian composer, pianist, bassist and music producer.

Formally educated in music (piano) he composes music for over 40 years, first in jazz, then in contemporary, symphonic, and movie scores genre.


 In addition to his formal musical education and years of composition practice in classical music he gathered considerable experience in movie scoring for the contemporary film industry. In his work he cooperated with several young North American and British directors scoring their short and mid-length productions.


 Independently he continuously composes music for cinema or TV productions, releases albums in jazz and recently in electronic genre.