Vittorialessia Brunetti


I was born in 1997, I graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari with a grade of 110 out of 110. I have been painting since the age of three, art has always been my greatest passion; I am the daughter of art on both maternal and paternal sides.


Since 2019 I participate in important events and exhibitions, including: Gravina fair in Puglia; Renovaart 100 artists for the future (in Matera) of Apuliaaste; the fairs of Parma, Padua, Pavia and Genoa through the collaboration with the Apuliaaste gallery; collective exhibition at the Margutta gallery in Rome; Multimedia personal exhibition “ Margutta Virtual Gallery “ in Rome; collective exhibition in Bari; collective exhibition in Lion ( France ) through the collaboration with Aiac Internarional.


I deal with digital painting, I use the Procreate program for IPad. My paintings combine typical characteristics of classical painting such as the harmony of forms and technical skill with the effects of digital painting such as particular colour shades, lights and perspective cuts ... almost photographic. The subjects I prefer are generally portraits, still lifes, planets, floating and surrealist figures sometimes even abstract. I investigate reality in all its facets. I am a careful observer and scholar of natural phenomena and the human psyche. When I make a portrait in fact I penetrate into the subject depicted, above all I represent and enhance female figures ... each with its own experience and its own UNIQUENESS.

In my works there is only an apparent harmony, in which  dualistic-contrast aspects merge such as: good and evil, physical and metaphysical, lights and shadows, order and chaos, real and surreal, stasis and movement, life and death, classic and modern.