Yukari Blair

Yukari Blair


I have travelled to about 20 countries and visited cities and villages all over the world. I am particularly fascinated by Italy, which I have visited four times.  I have been moved by the beauty of Italian cities and villages, Which are still majestic after hundreds or thousands of years. It was the first time I was moved to tears.

On my second trip to  Italy , when I visited Rome again, the earth suddenly shook in front of Bernini’s sculpture, and I feld dizzy. I was amazed by the influence of art.

In 2015, on my third trip to Italy, I travelled alone through southern Italy.

And it was on this trip to Southern Italy that I had the most wonderful experience. The people I met on my trip were friendly and helpful. They welcomed and congratulated me, a complete stranger, I felt the joy of being born into this world from the bottom of my heart, something I had never experienced in Japan.

This experience made me realise that I don’t have to try to be something I’m not, that I’m already great just the way I am.

It also made me realise that I, and everyone else in the world, is already great just the way they are, and that everyone is unique and valuable. When I realized this, I felt every cell in my body rejoice. I wanted to tell this with as many people as I could.

In 2019, my father passed away.

The death of my father led me to go to school for psychology, where I had the opportunity to draw with Crayons.

I was fascinated by the colours and nostalgia of Crayons, but most of all by the joy of expressing myself through drawing.

I started to draw with Crayons and oil pastels the landscapes that touched my heart during my travels around the world, and the cats I met in Italy.

And although I have seen many of their works in museums, my favorites are those by Basquiat and Marie Laurencin. I found that I liked their original style, drawn in a childlike way.

Their paintings influenced me and convinced me that if I painted in my own original style, I could convey the importance of individuality that I felt in southern Italy.

I decided to show, through my paintings, that everything we are born with is a unique treasure.

I have never studied painting and I never will, That’s why

Therefor  I believe that I can convey what I felt in southern Italy: that people are wonderful just the way they are.

Everyone is wonderful just the way are.

That’s why I paint.